What do we offer?

Tools to help you monitor your application effectively and respond to changes quickly

Analysis of ratings in a category

Track the dynamics of app positions

Search results monitoring

Analyze key queries of the apps

Application visibility

Evaluate apps in search results

Revenue and downloads

Analyze competitor app data

Keyword Monitor

Track the position of the application by queries in the search results

  • App positions by search queries, dynamics of changes
  • Traffic, complexity and efficiency metrics
  • Top competitor apps for a query
  • The ability to update data instantly
ASO screen
Keyword Report

Analyze the report with the dynamics of position changes quickly and efficiently

  • Loss of indexing by queries
  • Rising and falling positions
  • New indexing for the app
Daily Ranking

Track app ranking in all countries

  • Position of the app in the overall rating on Google Play and App Store
  • Countries where your application has taken up new positions or lost ones
  • Download data for each country
ASO screen
ASO screen
Rank History

Watch for changes in app positions on Google Play and App Store

  • All countries and categories of app markets
  • The ability to display data on a graph
  • Comparing data with competitor apps

Boost download rates by analyzing your competitors

  • Relevant data by country
  • App data by month
  • Convenient visualization in the chart
ASO screen

Always stay ahead of the competitors

  • Revenue data for competitor apps
  • All countries, data by month
  • Graph showing the dynamics of revenue changes
Frequently asked Questions

The data is available without restrictions from the moment a key request is added to Keyword Monitor.

We update the data every 4 hours. If you want to get more up-to-date information, you can use the function of instant data updates by requests (in Keyword Monitor)

In the history of ratings, you will see the position of the application, which was recorded by our system while scanning the market (once a day, scanning time may vary)

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